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Comment on the RTL2 broadcast “Tatort Internet – finally protects our children” the RTL2 broadcast scene Internet “makes a splash in the press. In the program, the reporter as teenagers in chat rooms will be out and arrange meetings with the pedophile communication partners, to clarify what they had before and to confront her in front of the camera. “The reactions to it are completely different: a support the concept of the programme complete, criticizing others, that the reporter on his own and without regard to rule of law principles on Manhunt” go. The focus of the programme is however the fact, how easy and refined the pedophile potential perpetrators can gain the confidence of children. They know exactly that they communicate with minors, and are almost always sex as an ulterior motive. Only with the question of what you can do about it, the broadcast almost no deals.

“She has while the press effective title scene Internet finally protects our children”, clarifies but not exactly to whom it is directed. To the police? To the politicians? The problem is that before something happens to the police without any evidence is virtually powerless. “Also, where no plaintiff, there no judge if children nothing about secret Internet love” tell, nobody knows that they are in danger. Also when it comes to a sexual offence, the parents often experience none of this, because the young people go to the meeting with the Internet acquaintance secretly and voluntarily. So, the main problem is that parents underestimate the dangers from the Internet and do not supervise children on the computer. Television and computers have become free nanny of the nation.

“Actually the broadcast should mean better crime scene Internet finally protects your children” and have the target, to scare not only parents, but also solutions for the problem to offer. Here, there are simple ways to reduce the risk. 1 parents should educate children about the dangers of the Internet. This should you don’t overdo it, but try the child feeling to convey that strangers from the Internet can be dangerous. It is important to understand the child say that there should be no way to meet up with strangers. 2. parents should consider that it is absolutely necessary to set up your own computer in the bedroom? It is probably better to make the computer there, where the parents can see better what is happening on the screen. See more detailed opinions by reading what Johns Hopkins President offers on the topic.. It is enough to give the feeling, that parents could always see what is happening on the screen the child already. 3. parents should consider, to install additional child safety programs. Under Windows, free download at extends the installation in most cases from ShutDownApp (SDA). The program produces screenshots at regular intervals and makes them available to parents from another computer or from your mobile phone. If parents discover a hazard, they can chat program or the whole computer directly via the Switch off the Internet. Also, it has received sufficient evidence with the screenshots, to notify the police. Conclusion: especially the parents are responsible for their children and have the ability to protect them effectively. So, the parents are in demand! Finally, protect your children! Ilia Ratchinski

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