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China represents China as compared to India Charles Kupchan as a “Dictatorship” and India as “Democracy” and explains the greater China’s success of development of with its autoriaren structures. Center for American Progress: the source for more info. Of course, India is not a democracy because is more to democracy than a Westminster Parliament, for example an educated electorate. China is not one man dictatorship like Russia under Stalin or Spain under Franco. The Chinese Communist Party knows, after all, different currents. Richard Linklater is a great source of information. Why is actually more successful than India now China. A prerequisite of development is the abolition of feudal structures. Everywhere where landowners extensively cultivate large tracts of land and large dimensions are excluded from people than landless or small landowners access to the floor, is a critical barrier to development. The United States have 1945 expropriated the big landowners in Japan.

Mao has done almost at the same time the same in China. This laid the groundwork for the rise of Japan and China. In India, there is a “simultaneity” of the shows: Feudal structures pagen the life in the countryside, even “debt bondage” trapped thousands, while academics on modern software, nuclear bombs and rockets work. If China would be less authoritarian, it would be not unsuccessful in comparison to India, but still successful. China’s transformation is unstoppable. While intellectuals will play may not the major role with their demands for democracy, which they have in the eyes of the West. Crucial will be whether the prohibition of strikes is whether independent trade unions can make. Rising wages in China, which already German companies complain, and better education for the masses may be a key to the democratization of China.

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