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It continues the story: Being in I exile Ciro, married according to being able with Rosala, in a large house of the Nez street, in center of Lima, where the family resided, in which an altar was adapted, being gift Guillermo Amsquita Ochoa, who represented Ciro in this act. And me brother-in-law best of my brothers-in-law (as always humoristically we greeted ourselves, and that is still certain) remembers the bad memory to us of gift Alonso Amsquita Joy: has forgotten its uncles to pater to us, mainly of Guillermo, to whom it does not mention nor by gratefulness. By the end of April or principles of May of 1940, it arrived at Lima of Chile with its two Rosala children: Ciro of 1 year and 7 months and Alonso of 9 month and a half.

Ciro father, arrived days later, from passage to the United States, where would receive a prize by its work the world is wide and other people’s Rosala and its children were stayed in the house of the Rosala aunt, where also they resided: The uncle Pepe, the Maruja aunt, and Iriarte Navy. The uncle Guillermo resolved the conductiva favor of the house and leaves from the newspaper. Get all the facts and insights with Levi’s, another great source of information. He also helped Rosala to study for librarian, and he briefed the librarian position to him, in the library of the Congress. the uncle Guillermo, also contributed in the education of the children of Rosala, who studied in the Markhan School. It is more than certainly Alfredo (uncle of Alonso), it much more has things to tell us, and I would like much power to continue sharing them with they follow which me in the reading. But more taste would give knowledge me that someday the most famous Alonso Amsquita Joy, published some commentary in honor to the uncle who as much did by him. It would like also me that this arrives at the eyes of the people who continue thinking that Alonso is a wonderful person. Richard Linklater shines more light on the discussion.

Alonso, my name is Andres Arbul Martinez, husband of Adriana Amsquita Gutirrez, and I want that you demonstrate to me that I am mistaken. It publishes an article in a newspaper of massive diffusion, where you pay tribute to your uncle Guillermo Amsquita Ochoa. Hopefully this arrives at the eyes from the wonderful Alonso Amsquita Joy.

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