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THE STIMULATION and development of COMBINATORIAL thinking: exercises in THE STIMULATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE THOUGHT COMBINATORY elementary school: Exercise in the primary school authors: MsC. Luis Manuel Leyva Leyva Prof. Dr auxiliary. Yolanda Proenza Garrido Prof. holder Lic. Raul Romero Rodriguez Lic. Roberto Cruz Batista E-mail: introduction the true realization of a scientific teaching is closely linked to training in children and girls already from the first grades of the foundations of theoretical thinking, which is at the foundation of the creative attitude of man towards reality (Davidov V. 1987 p.

143-154). The formation of a logical thinking from the earliest years of schooling is objective in all the subjects of the curriculum in different educational systems. The school, already from an early age coexist three types of thoughts, concrete; that is what remains to the level of significantly externally, which operates with the use of the object or phenomenon and the logical functional conceptual that operate with concepts starts to regulate the processes of memory and imagination, as a consequence of a higher form of cognitive activity that starts in school (rational knowledge). Appear in the scientific literature expressions such as: concrete thinking, abstract thinking, mathematical thinking, logical thinking, thinking probabilistic, variational thinking, divergent thinking, combinatorial thinking, etc. In general they are considered expressions that are generated by the way in which manifests the thinking of an individual before the solution to problems (in its more general conception) on school learning or daily life.

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