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Another conception of deafness, existing, if approaches to the previous one and is tied with the called conception as ' ' model social' '. In this model the divulged central idea places the social environment as desencadeador of difficulties for the people with deficiency. Thus the stigmata and conflicts that suffer these people are generated by the inaqualities and lack of chances in the social context. This conception defends that ' ' to be different is normal' ' that the deficiency is not only in the damaged part of the body, but in skill delinquent to understand it, In the case of the deaf person the social model helps to understand that ' ' the auditory loss exists and it is not an invention of the listeners, therefore it must solidly be enfrentada' ' (Santana, 2007, P. 33). Such conception perceives the deafness as deficiency and difference. However, this deficit does not become the disabled individual, does not affect its intellect, being that the decisive factor is the social environment where these people are inserted, therefore depending on the form as this citizen is understood/taken care of by the society, or as its deficit is faced, it will be able to become a being limited, incapable to make current activities.

Thus, one does not refuse that the deaf person presents limitations, however its potential is valued (LACERDA, 2000). From the understanding of the theoretical conceptions presented e, knowing that these guide the educational attendance of the deaf citizen, one understands that the model partner-antropolgico is adjusted to argue the importance of the Special School for the deaf people, central objective of this study. This adhesion to the conception if gave for the fact of that with this boarding it is possible to understand the mentioned space as fomentador of interactions for the deaf citizen that, for the especificidade, has to a particular culture.

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