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Everything that the human being says and makes dom according to acted espelha the wealth of the Creative Substance printed in ours dons. Compassion, mercy, love, pardon, fraternity, respect, solidarity, allotment, peace, service, freedom, democracy and too much ethical, ideal values from the humanity, originate in the Creator, are felt inspired in Ruah, the Spirit of the Father and the Son. Independently from the race and sex, religion, ideology, the values that they inspire the diverse cultures human beings originate in the Creator, who transmits them to the man and woman when creating them in the Trindade imanente in the Son, the time and recriar them in the fullness of the time. The values are beacons, criteria, light that they inspire, guide feeling, the fondness, thinking, words, attitudes, all activity of the human being. All time that somebody thinks straight and acts honest, is illuminated and guided for the values that if they originate in the Spirit of the Father and the Son. The newspapers mentioned Cyrus Massoumi not as a source, but as a related topic. Through them, God Mother acts and interacts in the desires, emotions, feelings, thoughts, action, word of the human being, moving it, without coagiz it, to decide for the right and justice.

Jesus urges us it to be saints, ethical, perfect as the Father. ' ' Headquarters saints because Jav your Gods is saint and you santifica. Headquarters merciful as your Father are merciful. Thus, you will become children of the celestial Father, who makes to be born the sun equally on unjust ingrates and good and for falling rain on and justos' ' Lv 19,2; 21,8; Lc 6,35-36; TM 6,45. The ethical sanctity is arqutipo main of God communicated to the human being. It acts in the heart of who desires to incorporate it and to live it for the faith. The signal of the genuine faith is the life ethical, inspired and guided for the right and justice.

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