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For the uninitiated, it is not always easy to detect shortcomings in the toy. Consumer confidence is shaken: are repeatedly negative headlines about toys for several years. Frequently Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins University has said that publicly. Usually – but definitely not always – cheap goods from China is affected. Click University of Michigan for additional related pages. The diagnosis is dramatic in some cases: toxic substances endanger the health of our children. But how can consumers protect themselves? The key to an effective self-protection are information and attention. To to inform you, the potential buyer of toys can read critical journals such as, for example, “oko-Test” or online research game vehicle tests.

Here, repeatedly portrayed developments and published particularly drastic cases. In addition, attentive consumers should take a toy before buying just into appearances. Several defects can expose themselves also for untrained senses. Sometimes, even with the naked eye, you can see that a toy is sloppy. It threaten for example sharp corners and edges, which can hurt children’s eyes.

Also loose small parts can be often seen. It should be noted that infants could solve even seemingly fixed parts. The situation of “invisible” toxic substances is particularly difficult. Here, the critical test of nose sometimes helps: what stinks in the toy shelf in the truest sense to heaven, may poses a potential danger. Especially the chemical plasticizer in plastics, but also several dyes, are difficult to calculate risks. Ultimately, a residual risk is unavoidable. The most critical and aufmerksamste consumer can run the risk to buy a low-quality toys. Even the sale price of a spinning is no sufficient warning, because even recognised brands toys in poison scandals was involved. Yet: Who buys toys with mind, can protect his children from some threats. In addition, it should be remembered that the probability of health damage, the bottom line remains low. There must be several adverse factors come together to produce severe injuries or poisoning. The European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany have adopted many limits, which are generally suitable to protect especially young children.

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