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Focal points and qualification of dermatologist Dr. Gundogan as a specialist in dermatology and Venereology has become Dr. med. Cuneyt Gadi specialized in particular on three areas, which are appropriately reflected in the education and training of Dr. Gundogan with the technical facilities of its practice. The practice focuses on aesthetic and dermatological laser therapy, skin cancer screening and appropriate skin cancer therapy and aesthetic medicine.

The skin surgery by Dr. Gundogan with their headquarters in Kronberg, has acquired a corresponding reputation through many years of expert and trustworthy advice, which go far beyond the adjacent towns of Oberursel, Frankfurt, Konigstein and Bad Homburg. To ensure highest possible quality requires a rigorous training in selected hospitals. Dr. Gundogan followed these requirements by actively and successfully graduated from corresponding sections of his education in Karlsruhe, Ulm and Kassel. Aesthetic and dermatological laser therapy Already in 2003, Dr. Gundogan began special training in the field of dermatological and aesthetic Laser Medicine in the Laser clinic in Karlsruhe. Here Dr.

Gundogan learned the entire spectrum of dermatological Laser Medicine and conducted research at the same time in this field. Here, Dr. Gundogan published many articles in journals in German and international journals for dermatological laser medicine such as in the American scientific journal “Lasers in Surgery and Medicine” well-known in professional circles. There, he could worldwide as the first successful use of Excimerlasers with alopecia areata (circular hair loss) show and prove. Also, he was speaker at national and international congresses of laser and led the laser Division of the large skin clinic in Kassel from 2005-2008. There, he was responsible for the training of future specialists in the field of laser Dermatology. Dr. Gundogan is also a member of the German Dermatological laser Association. Skin cancer screening and skin cancer In 2005 change Dr Gadi in the skin clinic in Kassel. This hospital is a well-known Cancer Center and thus also important focal point for the entire spectrum of skin cancers. Dr. Gundogan served until 2008 in all areas of the skin clinic in Kassel. This includes outpatient and inpatient treatment for skin cancer patients, treatment of advanced skin cancer using chemotherapy and immunotherapy, comprehensive skin cancer screening for children, adults and old people, as well as the operative tumor surgery of the skin. Aesthetic medicine Dr. Gundogan operates already for many years in aesthetic medicine and undergoing training and further training in this area permanently. His goal is to make the patients without risk look younger and fresher. Click Yale University to learn more. Because he has great experience in the aesthetic Laser Medicine, his master patients for aesthetic intervention now come from throughout the country in his clinic. Dr. Gundogan is a certified member of the German society for Botulinum toxin therapy e.V. More information is available on the website of the skin doctor.

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