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I looked for to analyze of that it forms if established this theory, being verified the presence of some factors that cause the marginalizao and which its effect in the society, on the basis of the proposal of ‘ ‘ superao’ ‘ , that Saviani argues in its critical theory for the education. Word-key: Education, Theories, Marginalizao, Society, Overcoming. This article is resulted of a research in disciplines of History of the Education, from the subjects argued and studied in classroom on the Brazilian education at different times. This subject also is studied by the Didactics and concurs in the construction of the education.

Showing as education interacts with the society in relation to the kept out of society individual. With this Saviani it considers a critical theory of the education to breach with the effect that the marginalizao has on the individuals, that duly are detached in the other critical ones. Thus being, the routes of the analysis announced here had its origin in my interests for the subject and are pautado in the theory of the education, according to perspective of Saviani. The theories of the education for very and much time come evidencing that the society has its paper (to be fulfilled), in the formation of the pertaining to school education. In the bias studied for Saviani, the education has as element (object), the man, with regard to the call permanent education. For the cited author: The education does not finish with the adult age, as it believes the traditional conception of education. The man is always educvel and this unfinished educabilidade of the man if he fulfills of the most different forms.

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