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Clear lines and living material: Modern interior design wooden floor has white walls, lit rectangles, light areas, almost invisible high-tech equipment and to a wooden floor made of wood. For other opinions and approaches, find out what John Craig Venter has to say. What sounds like an interior architectural contrast between modernity and tradition, forms a harmonious overall concept in the style of the time in reality. The trend in interior design is towards natural, tangible, high-quality materials. Architects such as Gudrun Berschneider create modern spaces in a clear language of forms and at the same time, a warm and inviting atmosphere with impressive real wood flooring, a clever lighting and bright colors. Distance\”is one of the first key words to describe the Villa, the architect and interior designer by Berschneider + Berschneider in der Oberpfalz for a family of entrepreneurs has built. An open floor plan, high passes and simple surfaces dominate the space image.

Looking for a single pieces of furniture or ordinary doors in vain, they would in the only lost work generously proportioned rooms. Shelves and cabinets are added as custom elements in the walls and step back as compared to the open spaces. The entire ground floor is a communicative level, which can temporarily be divided into individual units with sliding walls. This distance represents a characteristic feature of contemporary interior design with its clear lines. So the modern establishment with its structure and relaxation not to the pure art object is degraded and the residents within their four walls can feel comfortable, warm colors like Brown and bright orange tones, a well-thought-out lighting with indirect lighting and last but not least much natural wood ensures a comfortable atmosphere. Revolutionary and rustic wood as a building material, flooring or furniture, the designer avant-garde in the past considered epitome of traditional, finishing and rural. Unforgettable the wardrobe is oak rustic\”, symbol of the early 80s. Today, oak, experience Walnut and co.

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