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Consideraes on the film ' ' The name of the Rosa' ' the content of disciplines Philosophy of Education I. The film ' ' The name of rosa' ' it presents us a panorama of as it was the life in the Average Age, specifically the life of the religious ones in the monasteries. The estria if passes in the year of 1327 in a monastery to the north of Italy and is the story of the memories of a religious called franciscano Adso von Melk (Christian Slater) that it has as master another called franciscano William de Baskerville (Sean Conery). Some scholars believe that the personage of Sean Conery is in the truth a personificao Guillermo de Ockham, a franciscano priest who lived in century XIV and that he was importantssimo in the field of the philosophy, over all in the Crisis of the Scholastic. Let us initiate our consideraes observing that of general form the film in them presents the obscure side of the Church, has for purpose to disclose the disobediences committed for the religious ones of that time, that incluam barbarous murders against that if they opposed. We can cite the scene where they appear simple people delivering ducks, hens or other foods in exchange for its salvation.

That is, the sales of the Indulgences. It arrives to seem comic actor as the scene if it uncurls: the religious one with a gravy of some plant receives ' ' pagamento' ' blesses the individual and says that it will be saved in the sky. At this moment we perceive which the bias of the narrator and the narrative of the film as a whole. Before exactly, when at the beginning of the film, the priests talk in secret, to if coming across with the arrival of the beginner and of its master to the monastery.

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