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I see that you do not understand it. All the doctors are busy her explanation began to ring me to kindergarten lesson, surely repeated in countless Sometimes, that is why we have increased the number of queries. You are not the only person with problems; Unfortunately, every day there are more people who need our professional help. No I got it from that argument, although I tried it again. So I had to wait six weeks to be received.

They were a few difficult weeks; terrifying, rather. Luckily I tab in the work and that was electronic recorded that fulfilled my work commitments. Because, Furthermore, my virtual situation was almost permanent absence. For example: after several days of crossing us constantly at work, Vicky I Romero from good to first: Ah! I see that today Yes you’ve come. Is it that you’ve been sick? Events like this already assumed no nothing abnormal or disturbing for me. Simply, they contributed more plunge me into depression when I was. I do not know, even, if at that time I saw my father or, better said, if he saw me.

My environment was becoming like a Nebula. In full panic to lose my last vestige of personal identity, I played myself and felt my body, my physical materiality. Sometimes, to make others evidenciasen it also, I quarterfinal with them deliberately. At the time of the crash, Yes, then, noticing the impact, realized my presence until then, had apparently passed them unnoticed. I don’t know if you have experienced a similar sensation. One begins to really believe as missing, living in unreality while others move in a different metaphysical plane. Do you understand what tell them? Do they realize, to listen to me, the danger of emotional and mental instability that assumes all this? Come the day, directed me to the appointment with the psychiatrist ninety minutes before what was agreed.

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