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I have a dog barking constantly that I do? My neighbors want me to kill! This is a query I get often.Today in this article I want to help you understand why this problem and how to fix it. You can say that if there are dogs barking is because we made them do it. When they began to domesticate dogs of between 15,000 and 150,000 years ago, saw the potential advantage of a very loyal and very vocal partner, so it raised selectively to the dogs that barked starting from wild wolves, not barking. They were also selected all types of traits that we thought were cute, flat faces and big eyes. Barking dogs were highly appreciated and therefore their genes were privileged. As a result, certain breeds of dogs, such as those traditionally selected as guard dogs, is known to be charlatans heavy.

You should always consider the breed when it comes to get a new dog to prevent related problems. In any case, even if your dog seems to be a dog barking at nothing, I assure you that they are barking for something, sometimes when it presents bark that are activated once they have disappeared for 20 minutes more or less, and then returns back to endlessly can be an indication of the separation anxiety, a psychological state that will require special attention and care). If they start to bark towards the end of the day, they could be hungry. You may need des Office or maybe go to the bathroom). As many canine behavior specialists have said: dogs are social animals, you and your family are now the herd of your dog, it is normal that your dog begins to bark if only leave it for long periods of time. Once he has ruled out some of the reasons above and get you given your friend sufficient exercise and attention, you can begin to concentrate on the education of a dog barking excessively.

You should try to identify the causes. The bark can be caused by external or internal stimuli. An external malaise can be an alarm that is activated by a person who passes, or a dog, or insects. In addition, external stimuli through common sense can often be removed. For example, I had to deal with a dog that moved with his owner of a House with a knocker to one with a doorbell. The dog behaved well and was generally peaceful. But it everytime it rang the doorbell of the new House became a ladrandodesesperadamente dog and without stopping. I suggested that he removed the ring and placed a small sign on the door saying to hit visitors and call. Problem solved. If you have a dog barking immediately once you’ve given them an order, then you have to make some kind of training in the domain, he has no clear or you have not accepted your leadership. If you want to delve into these techniques and obtain all the necessary information that allows you to educate a dog easily, either because it barks all the time or because you want to modify, correct or prevent any misbehavior enters already same here Jose Ark doctor veterinarian Parana between rivers Argentina Director of original author and source of the article

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