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It is located between 200,-and 300,-. If they want a midwife in the document, the price can rise again. Clinic /. Hospital: in a hospital to give birth, has prevailed in the modern, rich industrialised countries. For many the question does not even arises, whether clinic or other birth facility, rather what hospital should it be. In larger cities, there are several hospitals to choose from, while in rural areas, usually the nearest clinic is chosen. Nowadays, all maternity wards and labour are modern and friendly furnished.

Doctors, midwives and nurses are always there for them. To consider only one would be whether the clinic has a baby-intensive station. Ronald Daniels understands that this is vital information. This is usually given in the large hospital complexes and university hospitals. Smaller hospitals may have a children’s ward with pediatricians, but no baby-intensive station. These clinics usually take no multiple births, also for a birth, beginning before the 34th week of pregnancy you may not release there. All clinics offer free information sessions with delivery room visits, so that you can make yourself a picture. Watch You are quiet two to three hospitals on and then decide with their partner in peace.

Is the decision made, there is the possibility to register in advance already. This saves you to fill out the registration form during the impending birth or fill. The cost of the maternity clinic are taken over by health insurance. Six inpatient days (with delivery day seven) is available after the birth. You exceed it, will be charged a supplement of 10,00 a day. Want, they have to pay the 24 hour call / standby even a midwife in the document. What belongs in the hospital bag: If you opted for the hospital childbirth with subsequent stationary stay, they pack a bag from the 30.Schwangerschaftswoche. Following things should it be: list to print and read the full article in Doreen Palmer

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