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It is characterized as upheaval of the reading and the writing, that intervenes with the pertaining to school performance, always leaving the pupil below of the income waited in relation to excessively. This difficulty consists of the child not to obtain to identify graphical symbols (letters and/or numbers) in the process of the language. In accordance with Schirmer, Fontoura, Nunes (2004), the acquisition of the language involves in four interdependent systems in the following developments: pragmatic, that the use of the communication in the language of the social context, the fonolgico is imagined, involving the perception and the production of sounds to form words; the semantic one, respecting the words and its meaning; the grammatical one, understanding the syntactic and morphologic rules to combine words in understandable phrases. The Dislexia is classified in two types: the acquired dislexia and the dislexia of development.

In the acquired one, the being obtains to read and to write without problems, but due to the one it has caused an accident or a cerebral spill, for example, loses this capacity. Already in the dislexia of development, the being already is born with this condition, for if dealing with a riot genetic-neurological, presenting problems of abilities partner-motor and visual and auditory processing that can affect directly in the failure pertaining to school. However if the child will be ahead of parents or professors specialists, the dislexia could more precociously be detected, therefore the child since small already presents some characteristics that denounce its difficulties, such as: – Delay in learning to hold the spoon to eat alone, to make bow in cadaro of the shoe, to catch and to kick ball; – Delay in the locomotion; – Delay in the acquisition of the language; – Difficulty in the learning of the letters. The dislexia can be detected from the alfabetizao, period where the child initiates the process of the reading of texts..

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