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You vary theories that if summarize in some formulated meanings being ones of them the dislexia. Being the dislexia the incapacity of an individual to learn to read exactly being intellectually normal, that is, a learning riot that reaches children generally when is in the infantile education to basic education these children feels difficulties in the reading and the writing not assimilating the activities with easinesses as its colleagues of the same age even so are normal and without no mental problem. Exactly having they good motivations for parts of the pedagogical and familiar team, instructions adjusted, good emotional sojourns. To put exists the biological, hereditary factor the dislexia can provide with some member of the family (PORT. 2009. p.66) the dislexia is hereditary and it does not have cure, however the dislxico can take a normal life, however the dislexia can be surpassed from the fulfilment of pedagogical intervention in practises pertaining to school.

The lack of information and knowledge on the part of professors regarding the dislexia contributes with the evasion of pupils who live deeply this problematic one: (EDLER. 2009 p.75) does not have motivation on the part of the professors because they do not feel interest and capacity stops to launch a methodology or a didactics so that this pupil if feels stimulating to continue in its studies. Generally the professor gave up the pupil for the fact of that the devotion and its time would be focados in special the slow learning of this pupil and perhaps does not obtain to fulfill to its daily activities writings in its plan of lesson. Being in such a way the pupils with learning riot if they feel not motivated arriving to give up the school being had a negative vision of proper incapacity of itself. According to Condemarin and Blomquisr apud Drouet, 2003, dislexia one are understood as: A set of revealing symptoms of a parietal disfuno (the wolf of the brain where it is the nervous center of the writing), generally hereditary, or to the times acquired, that affects the learning of the reading in one continues that it is extended of the light symptom to the serious symptom. .

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