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At the last moment the distribution of seeds for plantation of threatened species of extinguishing happened (brazilian tree) as reforestation form, where all had received seeds and a message that would be as relative reflection for the adoption of new attitudes and positions to the ambient questions. Conclusion Through the results gotten during the intervention is possible to observe that an disparity exists around what it is taught and what is practised in return of the questions for the development of the Ambient Education. This intervention made possible to the students the adoption of new values by means of the vision that if had of the relation human being/surrounding. To the executed being the project the expectations were innumerable, a time that if foresaw the results waited, therefore the work of ambient education are well relative to the school, however little worked, this was after evidenced the application of the instrument of collection of data, although the manifestations of the students, was evidenced that the same ones had superficial information regarding the questions explanadas in the lesson, that is, knew the alterations ambient, however did not understand the reason nor as to prevent them. When understanding thematic, some aspects had been perceived and some students if they had shown sensetized perplexos and, what it indicates a magnifying in its vision of world regarding the ambient problems, in such a way revealing made use and with will to improve its quality of life and of the planet. On the basis of the instruments used during the lesson the intervention carried through in the same one was possible to weave consideraes after, with representation in quantitative data and qualitative (attached), that the representation of the level of the perception, understanding had resulted and concern that the students have she stops with the environment. In such a way the intervention assisted the construction of significant conceptual changes in the pupils, since same the intervention had after demonstrated interest for the thematic one, with disposal for adoption of new standards, constructed collectively, for accomplishments of action in favor of the environment. .

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