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In the LIBNEO vision (2004, p.17): The necessary school to be a learning environment, a space where the professors look for to reflect, to analyze and to create new practical that they can become its pupils pensantes and critical citizens the social matters. The necessary school to offer an education of quality, that is, must promote for all the domnios of knowledge and take care of to the individual and social necessities of the pupils and adolescents, insertion in the world of the works, constitution of the citizenship, in view of the construction of a igualitria society in view of the process of construction of identity of the adolescents. We saw in the consumption of drugs a destructive factor. The alcohol is the substance more consumed by the young, followed for the tobacco, marijuana and stimulants. These last ones had gained prominence in the Eighties, with the ressurgimento of the consumption of the cocaine and the appearance of crack, as well as in the last decade, with the popularizao of the ecstasy. The tobacco, the alcohol and the drugs are available, and the maiorias of the young ones are object of pressure for the beginning of its use.

Without a doubt, some adolescents are in bigger risk of what others. The three more important factors are familiar history, the uses on the part of the parents and certain individual characteristics (BROWN, 2009). The adolescence is a period of fast development and succession of events. Deep changes gain form in the body, the mind, the relationships and the vision of world of the adolescent in a short period of time. Therefore, damageses in this period can occasion in dficits crystallized in the adult age, resistant to any posterior attempt of stonecutting. All individual possesss an innate temperament, a set of ways for which if it relates with the environment to its redor.

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