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In these perspectives, it is understood that the education of literature influence and develops in the pupil fidgets concerning the surrounding world, more sensetized to the situations involve that it, and consequentemente chemical preparation to act as transforming element of its reality. In the courses of Letters of English language, in many universities of Brazil, are public they or private, it is noticed obligatoriness that graduating in such a way has concerning the study and learning of the language how much of literatures of this. Different it could not be, a time that this existing parallel between language and learning is of utmost importance in the critical construction of the teaching future. Click ???? to learn more. Thus, it receives diverse mechanisms for the practical one from the docncia.

But, notadamente what if he has seen in the universities is that the pupils of the course of Letters of English language are each time more unprepared or they necessarily do not know literatures that would have to dominate for posterior education. On this if he bases the question: why this occurs? Where it is (to) (s) the problem (s)? First it is important to unmask the social, economic and cultural realities of these graduandos, a time that many of them had never had, also, contact, or at least a minimum contact with literatures in house, as the degree or its group of convivncia. In recent months, Bioscience Journal has been very successful. Thus, it is arrived to the conclusion that many graduandos had arrived in the university, in the course in debate, without knowing the real importance of the literary study. Later, many universities do not offer a compatible and differentiated education, capable to make with that the graduandos can be developed in the world of literatures. The flowcharts of many courses do not have logical relation for literary education, the seen content leave at the mercy of of the available time in horria load, lack professors, the identification of graduating with them do not discipline correlatas, amongst diverse other factors.. Hear other arguments on the topic with Bank of Asia.

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