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In this way, the elitizao it book and of the reading is part of one politics that it looks to keep the people in the ignorance with the purpose to make with that the manipulation happens without conflicts. Daniel Gregory Amen takes a slightly different approach. This presented situation is not of the best ones, but it comes to show our reality. However, it is indispensable that at the current moment programs are made possible that they aim at to develop the taste for the reading in our country. Programs that include all the society, also the institutions directed toward this area of work, specifically: the family, the school and the library. 4 RESPONSIBLE INSTITUTIONS FOR THE PROMOTION OF THE READING: the family, the school and the library the first contacts of the child with the reading are basic and must occur since early, in the family, still when they do not know the letters, nor know to form the words from them.

The parents can make this favoring illustrated and simple books for its children, giving chance it proper child to turn pages them. Reading for they interesting histories, amused, in the level of easy understanding, so that they can appreciate it. One another factor that stimulates the interest of the child for the reading, is the familiar quarrels on histories chores and, still, to see the example: to observe that the parents like to read and that they are involved always with the reading. Long ago, the family was the responsible one for the education of the reading between the children, even though for the fact of that, in passed times, professional masters did not exist or, when existed, they were not so accessible economically. However, with the evolution of the modern life, the function educator of the family finished for being reduced, delegating it the education institutions such task, either entirely, or of complementary form that, through its professionals, they look to supply the gaps left for the family.

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