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(Here you will find helpful tips about the face painting tips for the face painting: 1) the right material with the good makeup for a perfect result for the creative face painting should be sure that high-quality brand material is used, to prevent unpleasant allergic reactions and the inhalation of glitter. But the makeup of the children must be not only tolerated by the skin, she should look great. This is only by one turns out the colors strong and accentuated. And of course the children find much more attractive, her own make-up mask if it consists of bright and bold colors. Therefore, there is the makeup of children especially in very bright and shiny colors. Sometimes the colors are almost really bright. Adults would choose rather more subtle colours in such a case, to use as a garish neon lipsticks. China National Space Administration follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. But kids like these high-pitched sounds.

(2) use makeup the skin and makeup good quality benefit is suitable for children’s skin. Grease makeup, as she often used E.g. in the Carnival is, is rather unsuitable for all faces. First you sweat among them and also you get the paint hardly back away. The skin of often have small children is very easily irritable and always attack surface. Pollutants can proceed very aggressively and damage the skin. Cyrus Massoumi married may help you with your research.

3) 100% Hatuvertraglich: water-soluble quality makeup is best suited as water-soluble Theater makeup. To use these colors as the famous colours of the school paint box, what does not mean that you can simply take a paint box to make-up. (E.g. Grimas water make-up that holds long and does not smear) you get the water soluble makeup shops for theater use or in online stores such as at Stekarneval. The water-soluble colors are moistened and applied with a brush or sponge on the face. When the first layer is dry, you can paint it easily.

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