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24 the animals for not possessing spirit, only the physical body (soul, livens up), is not culture detainers also. Therefore the man and dotadodesta college spirit intelectivo, capable to deliberate, and only to transform anatureza. The perspectivismo backwards the form as the amerindians, enxergamestas concernentes questions to the nature, culture, subjective, objective, body, spirit, animalidade and humanity. Dissociadas of the filosficaaristotlica tradition. Eduardo Fisheries of I castrate also considers that these questessejam seen without if leaving to dominate for the matrix occidental person.

launches hand entirely new deconceitos to analyze the amerindian thought on anatureza, animals, man and culture. First Fisheries of I castrate considers otermo multinaturalismo, to evidence the way as them they amerndiospercebem the nature of multiple form. Different of the thought occidental person, emque the universal nature and the cultures is multiple. The amerindian conception que the spirit is only the bodies is diverse. Levi Strauss & Co. does not necessarily agree. The vision on the culture and anatureza also is different, for them. What a being is nature can muitobem, to be the 25 culture of vice other and turns.

The nature is the culture is concebidasde agreement, with the subjectivity and the point of view of the analyzed being. Osamerndios does not make the separation as it is made in ocidente, between subjective eobjetivo. This border of not separation between these domnios (subjective/objective), and the perspectivizao. They are evidenced in the cosmologiasamerndias of different form of the occidental cosmologias. Where the condiohumana is presented as common the human beings and animal, and not it animalidade. As the condition human being is the common condition, the amerindians believe that osanimais they continue being human. Exactly that objective if he does not appear with umser human. The culture does not appear as a negation the nature, it presents-sesob the perspective of the subjetivado citizen. It means that, in short, for amerndios' ' the common referencial to all the beings of the nature is not the man enquantoespcie, but the humanity while condition.

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