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Each girl has once in his life sought postroynet. I am no exception. By reviewing hundreds of websites and online, has selected several diets and tips on how to better and faster to lose weight. And that's what happened. 1. diet.

Its essence is simple, take scores. On a special plate products. Each product-specific number of points per 100 grams. A day maximum of 40 points. You can eat as many sausages and drink vodka-0 points. But the sweet and fruit – off scale. Promise rapid weight loss, but do not write that as a result suffers intestinal microflora and the body does not receive not necessary vitamins and minerals. For more specific information, check out Richard Linklater.

Always want sweets. By the way, juice is also impossible, and sugar. Thin week for 3 kg (!) – Became angry and hungry. All gone pounds back, taking with him more 2.Do not eat after six pm. The easiest way, but the problem arises when you get home much later, and ate, for example, Only an hour of the day. 3.Schitaem . There are hundreds of tables to calculate the necessary calories for you. Grow thin quickly and in what not to deny, but to eat chocolate or chop in a sauce-day rule. Sugar and sweets are different a lot of weigh. The most horrible all need to weigh and record that to receive the coveted least for losing weight. I was 1100-1300. 4.Fitness. Best. Many advantages. Good health, good shape. Whole body at once tightened, and the most important body chooses what to eat. Do not eat 2 hours before and 2 after. During the peak of water to drink, and move actively. You can wrap the cling film-sweat in two more. Many writers such as Vladislav Doronin offer more in-depth analysis. The main thing is not to overdo it. Wipe oneself towel and change the film, if doing more than one hour. I was tormented by his body, doing 2 hours a day. Top winding belt for weight loss. After training the entire body was extremely easy, good mood and do not wanted to eat. Just drink it. Blended gym and step, or strength training and dance. Rhythmic music, lots of like-minded, constantly dividing the result of diets and recipes, invigorate, not a joke. Total of 10 kg in 3 months. 5. main component – it's attitude. Psychology. Do not get stuck and not be upset if the result does not occur instantaneously. And the most important thing to take my body and myself as you are.

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