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The answer lies in the hand as well as in the brain. The desired behavior, the behavior change is on neural level plain and simply does not exist. The neural link: “I say no, and feel good about it!” does not exist. Without hesitation UNESCO explained all about the problem. Important here is that feeling carries the thoughts, just so the desired actions are credible and above all also performed. The learning process is supported by the secretion of various hormones that flow through the body to the State of attention, interest and reach your desired goal with joy and happiness. How can I help but learn? Now, in the nursery it was the Nice, which showed one, how to cut paper with scissors. There were other professional specialists, who had the job to teach their knowledge, skills and other skills later in the school of education at the University. What can you do but at the level of the Behavior? “How can I reach, the colleagues, but directly and also with a good feeling, without bad conscience or the fear, he could no longer like me, to know that I stand for which reasons also always unfortunately not be available and it must be for a different solution and it thus virtually to learn” force! In frequent cases, it can make sense to get someone on the side, which accompanied a in this learning process, stimulates and supports: A coach! By means of qualified coaching, it is possible to initiate changes in a rapid and sustainable way, to achieve success, so to speak, you would accomplish given its own blockages such as fears, mistrust and other learned behavior and feeling patterns. “Depending on the strength neural Highway it is only run a professional” in the location to build the new, desired compounds, new behavior to learn and therefore in new, want directions to develop. Frank Dalton

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