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– Moreover, in-depth English language in scpi study not only for their future profession, but also to listen to lectures in English language, which are held annually for students 4-year student teachers from universities in the uk. Upon graduation, all students must pass the exam. " In addition to English language students studying scpi and the second foreign language with 2-year study (German, French, Spanish or Chinese) in the amount of 8 hours per week. Students enrolled in the People's Friendship University, studying English for 3 hours a week for 4 semesters, students graduated from the Institute of Foreign Languages – in a volume of 4 hours per week over a 7-semester modulo. Upon completion of assigned additional qualification "Interpreter." In mgimo study 10 / 8 hours of the first foreign language and 6 / 4 hours a second foreign language in a week for 1-3 courses at the 4-th year the number of hours the first foreign language is preserved, while the second study in the amount of 4 hours per week, and 5 th year there were 6 hours of the first Foreign week. In this case, the 1-meter course to create a database in the study of languages taught in Latin. Second foreign language is introduced into the curriculum with the 2-year student. In RosNOU foreign language (English) is provided under educational standard, in-depth as you can learn in a different specialty – "translation and translation studies." However, this will be the second higher education, which is possible only for English language learners, and only part of the evening form of training. To broaden your perception, visit bfpl. .

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