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Valtey Martins de Souza Nilene Cardoso Blacksmith Souza Antonio Flix Da Silva Odailde de Souza Oliveira the present work has as objective main, to work a different language (music) of usually used in classroom, that is that one that privileges the use of the didactic book. As well as the didactic manual if it presents as a pedagogical resource, music also can become a sufficiently valuable instrument in regards to the process education learning. In this manner, we understand that the choice of the letters of musics to be worked in classroom must contemplate a gamma of existing questions in the world and our daily one, therefore, from them must be excited debates and be raised new subjects, that more become the syntonized pedagogical process with the universe of the pupil. In this way, we understand that the use of this resource is of basic importance so that the construction of the knowledge happens. In these conditions, we elaborate our work from a theoretical revision of the subject, where Viana (2000) understands music as a didactic resource in geography, being able to be worked as element for analysis of social and geographic conjunctures. Thus being, we look for during the development of our work, to make the linking enters the letter of music and the migratory process, that in the agreement of Moreira (2004), can be perceived as the movements or displacements of a population of a place for another one. In the end of the development, we look for to point one ' ' nova' ' way to make possible the process education learning through our Plan of Lesson. In conclusive notes, we revise our writings and we argue, of brief form, the reach of the main objective. 2. Music as didactic resource in Geography: soon pedagogical analysis For Viana (2000), music as didactic resource in Geography, consists of a pedagogical boarding in which, letters of musics are worked as element for the analysis/reflection of social and geographic conjunctures.

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