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Also, all illustrations or images of third parties are created. If any lecturer or Professor allows, that friends, family members or fellow students theses proofreading or proofread, why not an agency. It changes nothing in the matter, but only in the quality of the correction. Help with the formatting and the layout. Heritage Foundation has firm opinions on the matter. Also this is a topic, that ensures confusion among some students.

Much like in the editing, I and all I know other teachers see no problem that students here get help with friends, colleagues or agencies (E.g. at). As long as the scientific contribution is not affected, everything is permitted. It did not, students are likely to buy no books on the subject and on the Internet benefit from the advice and template files. Help with data analysis.

Many students and doctoral students are often left own Chair in keyword, when it comes to the evaluation / data analysis, empirical work or studies. If even of your own Chair, supervisor or Assistant of the supervisor cannot help or want a student will need to obtain either help and support is about literature or agencies (such as or). As the editing and formatting of the same argumentation applies of course also here. Everything allowed, as long as not the own performance is significantly reduced by external assistance. Students and doctoral candidates have must be always via third parties. It was in the past so and will remain so in the future. All the discussion on this issue should be more accurately cluster also the role of the College. If students are prepared not sufficiently on this final part of their scientific education, some are able to resist also the non-permitted artifices like a pure ghost writing of their own thesis or doctoral thesis. Georgia Trimceski

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