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Our strong focus on practice, we can achieve very good results with an average training time and guarantee a high quality standard. Relaxation is not easy to learn on the fly. It needs time and practice to learn to relax, to give its subscribers also like this. Therefore, corresponding periods are between the individual blocks of training, so the learned can also sit and are practised. After the many years of training activity (since 1997) I have to say that the concept has proved simply and yet every graduate practical auditing so insisted until now that I could release him in good conscience. 2. 5 On the Internet many find overload of courses with many relaxation methods are, that offer many other methods in addition to the classical relaxation techniques.

By Qi Gong about yoga to aroma therapy is about here, depending on the educational background of the Education Board. By It is the short course times but in most cases only possible in a method to sniff. It is there always far from a decent education in this area. Just a short example: training for Tai Chi or Qi Gong teacher according to the specifications of the German Confederation comprises 500 hours and must last for 6 years. If they then complete one or two Qi Gong weekends in a course to the teacher, relaxation, soon becomes clear that they can learn just the basics for a private practice, let alone the competence for teaching.

I therefore focus entirely on the autogenic training Fantasieren iron, and progressive muscle relaxation methods in my training and make sure that they possess the required competence there. 2. 6 Academics and non academics I professionals (doctors, theologians, co-ordinators, who made the training not to me) experienced, which have guided relaxation just awful and just simple housewives, which floated the students on cloud nine and up could leave.

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