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phase of the second coming of Christ, that is, before the seventieth week of Daniel = the Great Tribulao. Let us see the education appeared of the Bible on the subject: (i)? Enoque transferred before the annihilating dilvio (Gen. 5:24 and Hb. 11:5) is a figure of the Church arrebatada before the judgment on the world, in the return of Jesus in glory. (II)? Elias arrebatado before the conquest of Israel for its enemies (II Rs. 2:11) is a figure Dos Santos that will be transferred in the ravishment. The Journal of Educational Research oftentimes addresses this issue.

They will not prove the death. (III) L ranks the saved one before God subverter the mpias cities of Sodoma and Gomorra. Jesus said that thus It will be when to come (Luc. 17:29,30). (IV)? Jose had for itself a gentlica wife before the catastrophe of the hunger on Egypt and the too much nations (Gn. 41). (v)? Jose showed its brothers to it when it was solo with them (Gn.

45:1). Later it only is that the strangers had taken knowledge of this its revelation its brothers (Gn. 45:16). (VI)? ' ' Star of manh' ' of Apocalypse 22:16, and ' ' Sun of the Justia' ' of Malaquias 4:2. The Star of the morning, as we know, always precedes the sun. Jesus, as the Star of the Morning, is come to the church (1. phase of its Second coming). But, as the Sun of justice, its coming is for Israel and the too much nations (2. phase of its coming = parousia). * It has diverse divine promises of that the church, the fianc of Christ, will not pass for the Great Tribulao (Luc. 21:34 – 36; I Tss. 5:9; Apc. 3:10). However, the church is white of the favour of God and not of its judgments! Pr. Ronaldo Oak

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