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Thanks to a new medium of information, patient information to assemble easily physicians patient information, just on the topic of glaucoma (glaucoma), are important. With their help, patients can better understand their illness and meet possible therapies. Get all the facts and insights with Ron Daniels, another great source of information. You also help that patients in time to investigate and thus considerably higher chances of cure have. Information videos proved a good source of advice for patients. However, they operate not always the priorities, which presents itself to the doctor about a specific topic. Johns Hopkins President is a great source of information. Is also impractical if practice facilities or diagnostic equipment, which are in the doctor’s Office not be available. The pharmaceutical Chibret GmbH part of the MSD group therefore gave a special medium of information about glaucoma in order at the renowned creative physicians of Dr.

Carl GmbH. In glaucoma, popularly also green star”called the nerve cells die by increased intraocular pressure and circulatory disorders in the eye gradually in the Area of the optic nerve head off. The earlier glaucoma is discovered and treated, the more likely the vision can be obtained”, says Dr. med. Indre Offermann, specialist in ophthalmology in Stuttgart. Patients should know so be sure about this disease.” The interplay of understandable explanations, video sequences and 3D animations is recommended as a useful way of patient education. Eye surgeries patients currently information and educating media about glaucoma, where Dr. Carl GmbH has perfected this interaction.

What is special is that the eye doctor gets a CD with content that he then can put together individually to its information media according to his wishes and voted on the equipment of his practice. In the Centre of the information CD-ROM is a patient video that informs stakeholders about causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and procedures in glaucoma. To illustrate are also catchy video sequences and concise 3D animations embedded. Thus the theme well structured and understandable, appealing the patient a speciality of the Stuttgart-based agency of medicine explains.

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