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There is no wool milk sow eggs, therefore it makes little sense to look for! Better opportunities exist, however, if instead of a wish list, the requirements realistically describes the site. To quickly put together the requirements of the post, wrote our consultants that simply create checklist of requirements. Use this checklist you quickly find out for example, that the additional training as a sound engineer for a seller of stereo equipment is not required. However, including a commercial training, technical knowledge and communicative skills are important for this position. Rather the requirement profile corresponds to actual requirements and not the wishful thinking for an ideal candidate, the better chances be promptly to find a suitable candidate for the vacancy. Basis for the aptitude test target is to achieve a possible match between requirement profile of the job and suitability profile of the applicant. Albert Bandura shines more light on the discussion. Companies, matching the such a scientifically well-founded operate and want to improve the quality of personnel selection, aptitude methods use for this. The application of aptitude methods by persons trained for this purpose, the quality of the forecast with regard to the actual suitability of the candidate for that vacancy increases.

This contributes to the reduction of turnover costs and creates yet more opportunities for the applicant. In addition, the application of such procedures ensures greater legal certainty for the company in relation to the neutrality and fairness of personnel selection. Importance for placement and recruitment marketing is comparable to their function, who holds the requirements for human resources planning and recruitment, Importance for the placement: also here the requirement profile serves as orientation basis for exact use of staff in the right place in the company. It describes what qualifications, expertise, non-academic skills or soft factors such as social skills and methodical competencies for what position are required. Personnel marketing can accurately align with the requirements of the vacant post on the desired target group activities the employer branding. Be sought, for example, young academics, so personal marketing is at universities and graduate markets are looking for contacts with students and graduates and keep.

Basis for the determination of remuneration and staff development because the requirement profile lists the required qualifications and desired experience for the vacancy, it serves as a guideline for pay determination. It can be used as a tool, to determine the amount of the fixed salary. There are differences between the requirements of the post to the Jobholder or one so, the appropriate education and training of the elect preferred candidates, is a way to the leveling of these differences. In this way the requirement profile is similar to a scale where the need and intensity of personnel development measures can be measured. So can be prevented in time a strain of the jobholder. Check list to the requirement profile when creating a requirement profile helps you the checklist “requirement simply profiling”. Here you can select the desired for the respective position requirements in relation to education, training, experience, expertise, except professional soft factors and any additional requirements and note. Free the checklist is available in our download area. Links: Experts by I.O. BUSINESS personnel selection (Advisory) information by I.O. BUSINESS on the subject of recruiting checklists by I.O. BUSINESS to the topic: recruiting, personnel selection, recruitment if you with an expert on the Profiling a request would replace, please just take up contact with us. Gunther Wolf,

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