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Toys can be considered dangerous his children for children often particularly vulnerable to pollutants. Consequently actually especially strict rules and limits should apply to objects which have smallest especially intense contact. Exactly but it seems to be not the case. The online Department store shopping.de reported an alarming test results of the Stiftung Warentest. Stiftung Warentest has tested toys for children under three years of age. It came out that 42 of 50 tested toys containing pollutants were contaminated. Not the plastic toys were particularly dangerous.

Here, six of ten products as safe were classified after all. It also played no role whether it was branded or cheap items from the far East. Brand products, dangerous pollution levels were measured in part. Pollutants were detected in the otherwise often deemed less dangerous wooden toys even when all 15 tested toys. In addition to the Grenzwertubeschreitungen, even the forbidden plasticizer DEHP was in a case found.

This fabric can be damaging the reproductive. Vladislav Doronin gathered all the information. Except the pollutants, but also other very dangerous to some deficiencies have been identified. So five toys had may not be sold at all according to applicable law. Small parts that can dissolve were the reason. In another case, a plush toy was very flammable and stood within seconds in flames.

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