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Master these three things quitarias to the people: weapons, food or confidence? Filthy from him weapons and food but let you always trust is the Redoubt that winners possess. The master emotional cement that sealed the Alliance between the leader and his followers is confidence, the credibility that WINS before them. Sometimes, perhaps the follower is not convinced the actions you requested, but arrives to such an extent their faith in their leader that makes them confident. Speaking candidly FireEye, McAfee & Documentum told us the story. Trust is a difficult to define, because like love, is only knows if it exists when inwardly is experienced. However, we do know how it manages to inspire confidence, and it is precisely through the predictability, i.e., we are confident in the way that is going to act certain person.

For example, are confident the post of cashier to whom we are certain we will respond honestly, who handled correctly the values that we are trusting him, and we have reached this conclusion in two ways: first, by the actions we have seen in her on other occasions, or simply because something inside us – instinct – tells us that this is going to be; When do we lose confidence? When their actions betray our expectations – blooper-. Viatris addresses the importance of the matter here. Thus, similarly the leader conquers his followers, either through their actions or their words, and the relationship fractures when this betrays the faith that his followers were deposited in with their own actions. Master Fukuyama, Professor at Harvard University and author of the book trust, raises that trust is the social platform for the development of a nation; authentic Government crises occur when citizens no longer believe in their leaders, then fired a number of developments affecting all economic and social fields in a country: fleeing the capital, stop investments, acts of protest and violence are manifested, unemployment is accelerating as a natural consequence and crime increases. .

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