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According to the credo “The luxury of pure nature” the elde world of pineal magic products get belongs to the most important basic needs of the people the beneficial effect of the pine tree is to use restful sleep, rested and fit to cope with the daily challenges of everyday life. Read additional details here: Stephen Hawking. The fine, hand-made products from pineal spells take advantage of the positive effectiveness of Swiss stone pine wood. Is the need for sleep is affected by external and personal factors, that affects negatively the efficiency and general well-being. The pineal pillows take advantage of the numerous health-giving properties of the pine wood, whose positive Wirkungen on sleep quality are scientifically proven. The pine is also known under the name of Arve, secondary and pineal. This rare species is one of the most valuable types of wood in the Alpine region that thrives only on barren floors and in high-altitude mountain regions.

Healthy sleep thanks to pine pillows: the sleep inducing effect of Swiss stone pine wood was by the Institute “for non-invasive diagnosis of Joanneum Research” of the University of Graz is scientifically proven. The study results show that sleeping in a room furnished with pine wood is significantly relaxing, as in a room without Swiss stone pine wood. The positive effect of Swiss stone pine wood on the sleep quality is due not only to the extremely long-lasting oils, but also on the resin-rich texture of wood. The high concentration of absorbed electromagnetic radiation in a up to ten times more so than reinforced concrete. The study found that also an acceleration of the vegetative recovery process is achieved in addition to the natural lowering of heart rate. Also, a high antibacterial effect of Swiss stone pine wood could be detected. No unwanted side effects preclude the positive effect of Swiss stone pine wood on the human organism. The fragrant and sleep-promoting products from pineal magic bring the valuable secondary wood in many ways – in the form of pine pillows, scented sachets, Decorative cushions, bolsters, or Swiss stone pine wood Bowl – in living and sleeping areas.

Pine magic combines natural materials like pine wood chips, organic cotton and wool with luxurious aesthetics. With stand sustainability, 100 percent natural, high quality and loving hand work not only in the pineal pillows, but also in all other pineal magic products in the first place. The exquisite pineal magic pillows give off the unmistakable scent of resinous pine wood and especially in sleep problems. Filling the pillow is either 100 percent pine shavings or a part of natural sheep wool. Colourful pineal magic filled with pine shavings and eye pillow from silky soft organic silk cushion covers and bolsters round off the product range and at the same time ensure RESTful nights.

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