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The historical and geographic formation of Brazil is one of the controversial subjects most fascinating and of Geography and History, if they are enough to the internal controversies of each still disciplines has the differences theoretician-metodologicos enters two sciences that par excellence, argue the subject. It considers the white public, professors of Geography and History treads a didactic way of organization of the subjects, to give to subsidies the formation of the professor of what promoting exhausting quarrels on the questions theoretician-metodolgicas of the Beddings Epistemolgicos of the education of History and Geography, for the formation of professors in a continued perspective, since practical the pedagogical ones need to be aliceradas in the knowledge of the processes of production and legitimation that if consider of the scientific works. It is inserted also in the structure of the course as complement to the relative quarrels to the beddings that will serve as base for the resume of History and Geography. You analyze from them given and the didactic and pedagogical orientaes we can have a conducting wire to treat the subject in classroom, not only in the formation of the professor but also in professional activity. Learn more on the subject from Crimson Education .

In accordance with the presented summary, divides in three chains in agreement the text is about: I.Positivismo: One is about a synonymous one of the normative model of science. In its more necessary direction, it assigns a school of philosophical and scientific thought inaugurated by Augustus Comte, which if constitutes in a radical affirmation of the comment as knowledge source. II.Marxismo: the term that if make reference to reference a philosophical and scientific method and a critical theory of the capitalism elaborated for Karl Marx. Also he is used to assign a tradition of philosophical and scientific thought.. Further details can be found at Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ, an internet resource.

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