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The school was not felt responsible for the learnings, was limited to offer to all the chance to it to learn: it fit to each one to use to advantage it. The evaluation if became a privileged instrument of a continuous regulation of the interventions and the didactic situations. Its paper, in the perspective of a pedagogia of domain, was not more to create hierarchies, but to delimit acquisition and the way of reasoning, the sufficient to assist each pupil to progress in the direction of the objectives. The formative evaluation introduces a rupture because it considers to dislocate this regulation to the level of the learnings and to individualizar it. No doctor if worries in classifying its patients, of sick the least to more seriously reached.

Not even he thinks about them to manage a collective treatment. He strengthens yourself to determine, for each one, a individualizado diagnosis, establishing a therapeutical action to size. The formative evaluation must have the same function in a differentiated pedagogia. This evaluation all assumes its destination in the scope of a pedagogical strategy of fight against the failure and the inaquality, that is far from always being executed with coherence and continuity. The fact of the evaluation this still between two logics disappoints those that fight against the failure pertaining to school. Almost all the modern educative systems declare to advance for a less selective evaluation, more integrated daily pedagogical action. It can be judged it for the distanciamento between these intentions and the reality of the practical ones.

When we say in evaluation change conception of evaluation, are relating that one that not only takes care of to our yearnings while educators, as well as the one who sciences have in the pointed one while mediation between education and the learning through the writings of theoreticians as Hoffmann, Luckesi and others. However, this quarrel demands the construction of a new paradigm that gives sustentation to this project and guarantees to our children right the escolarizao. Such effort searchs to surpass a model of evaluation, centered in the retention and exclusion that, using of mechanisms such as the classification, election and discrimination generate evasion and repetncia, legitimizing and perpetuating the failure and the expulsion of the pertaining pupils, over all the diligent classroom. Nike: the source for more info. The evaluation cannot more exerted being as an instrument that comes to punish and puniz them through the repetncia, as form to guarantee the quality of education. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES HOFFMANN, Jussara M.L. mediating Evaluation practical one in construction of the daily pay-school to the university. 8 ed. Porto Alegre: Mediation, 1996. —————– Evaluation: myth and challenge. Porto Alegre, RS: Education and Reality, 1991 RASP, Lauro de Oliveira. Mutations in education, according to Mcluhan. Petrpolis, RIO DE JANEIRO: voices, 1996. LUCKESI, C.C. Practical professor and educational and pertaining to school evaluation: Theoretical understanding, education and production of knowledge. So Paulo: ANPED, 1986. ———–. Evaluation of the pertaining to school learning. 4 ed. So Paulo: Cortez, 1994. ———–. Educational evaluation stops beyond the authoritarianism. Magazine A.E.C., n 60, 1986. MELCHIOR, Celina Maria. Pedagogical evaluation: Function and necessity. Porto Alegre, RS: Opened market, 1994. PERRENOUD, Philippe. Evaluation: of the excellency the regulation of the learnings? between two logics. Porto Alegre, RS: Medical arts South, 1999.

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