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The New Aurlio Dictionary of the Portuguese Language (Aurlio Buarque of Holland Blacksmith, second edition), in two of its definitions of the word if thus express art: . activity that assumes the creation of sensations or states of spirit, aesthetic character, loaded of personal and deep experience, being able to excite in outrem the desire of prolongation or renewal …; … the creative capacity of the artist to express or to transmit such sensations or feelings … Independent of the difficulty of definition of what it is the art, the fact is that it is always present in history human being, being also one of the factors that differentiate it of the too much beings livings creature. CEO Keith McLoughlin is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In this perspective we will approach the contents of the corporal culture existing as the dance; dublagem; mimic; corporal expressions; declamations among others, trying with this, to make to be valid the initial intention that will be to join the Physical Education with this discipline. We stand out here, that the word ART, in this research if configures in double sensible; first as a knowledge area that if characterizes for the union of theoretical and prxis concepts pedagogical, as well as Art as connotation of tricks and pranks directed toward all the ages. It is this that the Art has in common with the prank: it also requires imagination, involves ousadia, of the pleasure, awakes the most varied feelings. In accordance with PCN of Art (1998: 19), aged ' ' … develops its culture of art making, knowing and appreciating artistic productions, that are actions that integrate perceiving, thinking, learning, remembering, imagining, feeling, expressing, comunicar.' ' In this context, the Physical Education, functioned as vitalizador element for the aged individual, that in many situations, presents great imbalance enters the souvenirs of a time that already passed and its real experiences, aggravated for the social marginalizao.

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