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The second episode of the ADAM Internet study evaluated the 23,000 Partnersuchprofile contact portal gay. The crucial question was: how much depends on the specified search profile of a gay by the own body type? The evaluation of data took place according to data protection securely and anonymously. In recent months, Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology has been very successful. Little surprising: The search is very dependent on the own body type for a specific body type. “Beary” men make exception. By the way: The gay self assessment of your own body type in the contact forum of gay is medically very precise. She holds the review with the help of body height and weight (“body mass index” the following: “bmi”) was.

The results: The participants in the study can be divided into four body types: slim (23%, bmi < 19), mittelgewichtig, (56%, bmi < 25), sporty (8%) and barig (14%, bmi > 25) normal or slim are searched as 80% lean or weight(kg) 79% of the participants themselves assess yourself. When the matching Assessing body type with the absolute weight (body mass index), you can see all the participants a correct self-assessment demonstrated a stable preference for its own body type by all ages and body types only exception to the strong "bear"; they put only 9% of searchers in a sense frenzy looking for self "Bears" a 72% the appearance is so important in search of gay sex or gay relationship slim or normal-weight partner, that image ads three times more angeclickt will be free when using the data source is pure text ads. Link to the original article: all results of gay study by ADAM at: press contact: Wolfgang Fey editor ADAM magazine FoersterMedia GmbH Sprendlinger RT 120 D-63069 Offenbach / Main Tel.: 069-831023 (editorial) fax: 069-847517 (editorial) original text: Foerster media company profile: ADAM is 35 years as over-the-counter intruding on the market. The magazine offers erotic Photo galleries-based reports on sexuality, freshly researched travel news as well as news on topics such as film, theater, or books. Of all over-the-counter magazines, ADAM is most used for the contact search. The gay portal gay is one of the nationally successful gay portals in Germany. Gay offers a highly frequented contact portal, free matchmaking, chat, user homepages and classifieds and an interactive city guide for all over Germany for gay since 1998. Karlheinz Schuler

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