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The child starts to make relations between the size of the word and the amount of used letters to write the words, associating with its sonorous value, that is, the amount of syllables that the words she possesss. Being that one monosslabo, cannot be read. The child inside goes evolving of this level of alfabetizao, until reaching the capacity to relate the sound (fonema) to the letter (grapheme), being thus capable to use a letter for each syllable of the word, not repeating letters. The conflict, in the learning is what desestrutura the hypothesis already confirmed, being that she is necessary to search new forms to understand the alphabetical process, so that the equilibrao occurs again. Previous the alphabetical process of the origin has a new level of alfabetizao: silbico-alphabetical.

In this period the child perceives that its previous hypothesis is not more convincing, then abandons it and of the beginning the news schematical constructions, looking the equilibrao. The silbico-alphabetical period and what he is next to the understanding of the alphabetical system, that is, of the writing. It is in it that the child perceives that the syllables are not formed by amounts of letters, but yes for letters that make coherence between grafia and sound less, giving more importance the quality of the writing and the used amount of letters to form the word. In end, the child becomes alphabetical, writing the words with the adjusted syllables, perceiving that to form a syllable she does not have rule of number of letters, can be necessary one, two or more letters. But still she finds difficulties in relating certain syllables to the correct graphical, what she goes improving until arriving at the ortogrfica phase. 2 Illiteracy and iletramento With the extension of the escolaridade of basic education for nine years, initiate a new quarrel on the acquisition of the written language and the reading, since the pupils enter more early in the school.

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