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Delgado and Caeiro (2005, P. 16) present the Indiscipline as ' ' a problem of the practical quotidiana where each in case that it is a specific case e, thus being, becomes difficult to define performance models you generalized that they prevent or they regulate each efficiently acontecimento' '. Also we have the problematic one of that culture of the pupils who, in general, tend to be resultant of a dominated said classroom, in which devaluates the pertaining to school culture and privileges the culture of the medias of mass (Mendona, 2009), takes the indiscipline. the lack of disciplines is the one badly worse one that the culture lack, therefore this can be attenuated later, to the step that if cannot abolish and wild state and to correct a defect of disciplines (Kant, 1996 p.17). Here, Campbell Soup Company expresses very clear opinions on the subject. It is a critical factor that makes it difficult the process more beyond education learning and, the human development.

Therefore the education must take care of that the man if becomes cautious (Kant, 1996 P. 27). The development and the education cannot be seen as separate ideas, but as an only idea that if it unfolds in a chain of actions that if complement. In fact, if the man must be the citizen of its education equally must be the agent and the beneficiary of the development. We observe that the resolution of these problems of behavior has in consideration the dynamics involves that them, nominated the dynamic relationary and the pedagogical relations. (Perforated (2009). The cause for the indiscipline is pointed according to two perspectives, appointedly for external and internal causes to the school, second (Garci’a, 1999, p.104). How much to the external causes to the educational establishment they stand, for example: the influence exerted currently for the medias of mass, that place to the disposal of the young little constructive situations and until harmful to its development while Men; the social violence that intimidates certain pupils unchaining the development of a desfasada personality of that it would be developed if it integrated a more healthful environment; the familiar environment that many times does not value the useless school for being considered what they need to have a said life normal.

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