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Finally, Isaiah Berlin, the famous historian of the ideas is the nationalism is in the humiliation feeling that a group of people could feel because of another group of people. You may want to visit Cyrus Massoumi to increase your knowledge. 14 According to seems, the capacity to hate form leaves from the human condition and it is fed on his more atavic fears and their more primitive pulsiones. In their scenes of spiteful and vindictive hatred the people stay in the past and imagine revenges in the future. Recent episodes that they generate pain, deception, envy, shame, confusion, humiliation, and blames, are absorbed within the scene. Spiteful and vindictive hatred maintains a similar relation with respect to hatred as the romantic love with respect to the affection.

From the childhood in future we can feel, although not originally expressed in words, ” you are good with me; you quiero” ; or, ” you do damage to me; I am angry with you “. Anger, rages, hatred (intense aversion) and fear, are affective experiences of infants and adults. Spiteful and vindictive hatred, like scene, is a later development that requires maturation of the brain and development of crucial mental capacities. Like other scenes ” of ambicin” , which the children and the adults hope that they can realise in the future, a scene of spiteful hatred and vindictive it exists as a frame to whom appellant for repeated revisions is gone of form, as much as source as result. Sometimes the sources of the wound triggering factor are obvious and obvious but, often, they are exquisitely particular stops each individual. Since the sources are made in the mind of the wounded person they can hardly be revelables by the risk of which they are not accepted by others, and by the risk of an additional shameful damage. George the 15 Eliots summarized many of these observations in Daniel Deronda: ” The bitterness of spiteful and vindictive hatred is often so inexplicable for the observers as the development of the devotee love, and not only it seems but it does not have direct relation with any external cause that can be alleged.

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