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Published in the newspaper LA RAZoN from Lima-Peru, November 20, 2010 the whip of the RUFUS does make sense today become a priest? RICARDO SNCHEZ-SERRA (**) each time there are fewer priests in the world and my concern increases by asking who will give the sacraments to our grandchildren, who will guide them, you marry, he will confess? God will provide, point with hope to some religious, but concern persists because you can see the absence of priests in the streets, as if they atrincheraran in their parishes. In religious schools had a cure-tutor for classroom, responsible for discipline and the director were monks or nuns, clerics are now reduced to its minimum expression, in many cases the directors and up to teachers of religion are secular. There are villages in the mountain in which the churches are closed, except on Sunday in which come other constituencies priests to celebrate masses. Many seminars, Furthermore, are empty.Seems a bleak panorama and even more that the Catholic Church is under the most fierce global campaign against it, not only because of the bad behavior of a few clerics, but also to destabilize the Pope, with the aim of weakening it and leaving the principles which advocates, such as the defense of life and the family. It does not worries me: the Church has always witnessed the funeral of his pursuers.Very little he recalls the martyrs, few remember the thousands of heroic missionaries who have faith in poor conditions and Holy dying.As a parenthesis should mention that, on the other hand, are criticized with mentality of the 21st century to the Inquisition of the 16th century and the Crusades of the eleventh centuries, XII et seq.. The first came in the midst of the religious struggle for reform. The people defended their belief and massacres against heretics who believe they occurred. On the two sides.

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