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This says: because things that they occur; overall, I do my thing and theirs isn’t my anger. The lack of desire to help, serve, support their fellow men, is a constant problem of all and each one of us, we do not think that someday, when our work to build up or we will have problems of any kind, do not we will be helped by anyone, because thats the common training among all. As well as this, there are other little details that we miss, they make continuous and at the same time become an issue of conflict between ourselves; or rather, among the minority of attitude change and most of the conformity and the delay. For example, we can mention: The lack of work on computer Unwillingness to change The apathy Not be ordained Inconstancy Irresponsibility He does not seek challenges and as well as those few details, we can mention, more and more than details that they make of us, some people that they do not achieve what they want, or that they simply comply with what they have. Not only the lack of values are involved within the problem, also the training prior to all this. The aim of this is to blame and blame, but find the root of the problem to find a prompt solution, then, if we rebobinamos us to the formation of values learned in school, remember without doubt, those kinds of values formation that we drank and teachers striving to impart us. Then, is the cause of the problem in the training? The answer would be a: perhaps if, perhaps not and I mention that perhaps Yes, because perhaps there has never been a true example within the classroom, or simply the apathy of study was much.

Perhaps the problem is not in training, perhaps is in the implementation, because we all could only sit and hear all those examples, and in putting them into practice, we just did. The cause of this wrong Mexican Axiology lies in all of us, even since before joined the productive field, perhaps to the educational field. To resolve this problem that primarily afflicts the country is necessary an intervention voluntary each one of us, learn to change, the desire to overcome, lives in everyone, but almost nobody has the desire of express it. Let’s start with a small change in these details that beset us, already mentioned above, and that without realizing it, damage to ourselves, because we are the root of the problem and those who receive all the consequences.

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