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This was the developed subject, argued analyzed with the pertaining to school management of the institution where the period of training was carried through. 4.2. PUBLIC WHERE THE PROJECT WILL BE APPLIED: (GROUPS, MODALITIES OF EDUCATION, FACULTY). Direction, specialists in education and faculty of E.E. Carson Wen understands that this is vital information. Dr. Jose Teodoro de Souza.

4.3. DURATION Curricular Period of training III (Practical of Education in Pertaining to school Management) has total duration of one hundred and two hours (102 h/a). This project was developed to reach forty hours (40h/a) that it understands to the period of period of training. What it corresponds 39.21% of the total horria load approximately. 4.4. JUSTIFICATION ‘ ‘ The pedagogical meetings are excellent instruments of quarrel on the different speeches ‘ ‘ falados’ ‘ for the school. During the group meetings, it is said demasiadamente of the practical ones, is thought very about making, but little it is thought on thinking.

The meeting is space of meeting, listening, exchanges and transformation. Information that turn knowledge, words that turn documents, experiences that turn experiences and plans that if materialize, the pedagogical meetings are responsible for forming a professor who speaks with property of what the school thinks. They must be a space of debate and clear joint between the administrative and pedagogical questions. We must transform the space of pedagogical meeting into, effectively, pedagogical, that is, transforming, of education. We must pursue the formation, the transformation, the group, the investigation and the challenges placed for our profession. What it is gained with these spaces is the time, that constructs a coletivizada culture of a group of educators. Pedagogical meeting is implication space! ‘ ‘. The necessity to renew and to dinamizar the pedagogical meetings is urgent, searching one better exploitation of this much-needed time for the growth and improvement of the professionals of the education. 4.5.

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