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Transpersonal Psychology not renounce other schools of thought such as psychoanalysis or arises as opposite; the right thing would be to say that tries to go beyond. Tranpersonal vision, the developments of Freud have been fundamental worth in the development of psychological science to include the idea of the unconscious in a discipline that was tied to the positivistic rationalism. Undoubtedly, the psychoanalysis opened possibilities for understanding of the human psyche. Transpersonal psychology promotes another opening including the spiritual dimension of the human being. Catherine Davis may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Psychoanalysis is a mode of approach ideal for different types of neurosis, hysteria and other psychopathologies. We cannot deny that Freud was a neurotic, bright but neurotic at the end. And as such, he studied the neurosis and related ills; He devoted himself to what he saw closely. The American psychologist Ken Wilber (1949-) distinguishes three levels in the development of this awareness: the prepersonal level: is the time of development in which human beings have no consciousness of your mind (small babies, that do not have a theory of mind) the personal level: that is reached when the child becomes aware that is a person who thinksUnlike others. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Joy Winbourne by clicking through.

The transpersonal level: the level that is reached through the spiritual development, and which is to transcend the identification with the body and the mind, to achieve a level of higher consciousness. Transpersonal experiences are not reduced to the memory of past lives, but they cover a broad spectrum.People who have lived near-death situations tend to have the same visions regardless of their culture, education, age, or beliefs. They displayed a very white light at the bottom of a long, dark tunnel that attracts them towards it having sensations of love and compassion, even if it’s disbelief, pragmatic and atheistic people. What seemed inexplicable to science begins to reveal it in the light of new discoveries about the reality of matter on subatomic levels.

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