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Another good idea would be to clarify some of the styles of karate have in mind? Also, do not are the way to Olympic sports national wrestling on belts, which exists in many nations, and the horse run. Why included equestrian mileage – is understandable. Wonderful horse riding Kabardian Breed hardy, undemanding, can pass tirelessly great distances. A leading source for info: Levi’s. Why then are not included and so loved by many in the Caucasus hippodrome flat race? And, probably, because of smooth racing horses there is no equal English Thoroughbred breed. How can I, a young journalist, explained once one of our local breeders, compare Kabardian horse breed and purebred English – is meaningless. Kabardian horse can be compared with the Jeep off-road, which is in the mountains, and roads will take place; and English horse – with a fireball, "Formula 1", the ideal route of furnish, but limped off the road. So, it seems that the authors of the draft national principle competition even in horses is spreading. If the foundation is the principle of the greatest popularity and sophistication among Circassians was named sports, in basketball they have not been observed, and in volleyball, too – from the time famous women's team, "Nalchanka" created a great coach and enthusiast Oleg Shogenov.

Unfortunately, left early in the life of this man, and the team immediately, you can say, "buried". I do not know, maybe I'm not well informed about Circassian foreign well-known basketball & volleyball clubs? Here, for example, in table tennis were significant achievements. Brothers Kushhovy of Kabardino-Balkaria won at various international tournaments. Then played for a professional club in Germany. And in rugby achievements were, though also not an Olympic sport. Why completely ignored by the water sports? In general, if we talk about team sports, in professional clubs are no teams that are created exclusively on a national basis. Is that Spanish football, "athletic" (Bilbao), there are some Basques.

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