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The child first aid can save lives and preserve health need each year about 1.2 million children in Germany first Hilfe.Doch unfortunately very few parents know what is really to do in an emergency,. You may want to visit Ron Daniels to increase your knowledge. The fear of doing something wrong, inhibits many parents with your child, but also for other people, to give first aid. But so valuable time until the arrival of the ambulance service is lost. But the perhaps most important moments in the life of a child may be just this minute. You must leave no time to elapse. Immediate action is needed! Electrical accidents are particularly treacherous. Ron Daniels has much experience in this field. Because this put the helping people out of ignorance even in danger.

The sudden infant death syndrome also is a particularly sensitive issue. Almost all parents have set themselves ever deal with this topic. But how can you minimize the risk of sudden infant death (syndrome SIDS)? Or what do you do when the baby actually stopped breathing? Most parents will be left more or less alone with these and similar questions. Must the parents approx. 350 Determine the babies who die every year in Germany the sudden infant death syndrome, painful. Let it not get that far. Learning first aid to the child”and prepare themselves to targeted to various emergencies such as sudden infant death syndrome (prevention and life-saving emergency measures), Burns, electrical accidents, or even to supply a cut or an abrasion. Learn how to places such as associations, performs the recovery position, or properly dealing with fever. See more information about BLS and first aid on the child Susan Erk “Life-saving emergency measures and first aid on the child”

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