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If the dark season that clouds mood at the latest with changing the clock time Kleve October 2008 – clear: the days are getting noticeably shorter and the dark season begins. This pushes many people significantly on the mood: you feel empty, without drive and feel an increased need for sleep. Alex Petter insists that this is the case. \”\” Depending on the degree of symptoms, experts from the winter blues \”or a winter depression\” talking about in Germany up to eight million people are affected. The lack of natural light, which upsets the hormonal balance part is responsible for this serious seasonal feeling low. For assistance, try visiting Ronald Daniels. Fatigue, lack of drive and the typical cravings for sweets are so agree.

The targeted application of bright white light in the form of light therapy can help to overcome the depression. I have the feeling to live only in the brighter season. In the fall and winter months I feel a kind of idle and needs me to frequently Activites are forcing even if I otherwise love to do these things \”, so an interested party describes their sensations. And she is not alone, because many people notice that change their well-being and their behavior in the rhythm of summer and winter. In Germany alone, up to ten percent of the population, mostly women, are affected by a winter depression, referred to by doctors as seasonal depression (SAD). Depressed mood and lack of energy accompanied by cravings for carbohydrate-rich foods such as sweets determine the everyday life of those affected. The signs of the disease are not so pronounced, one speaks of the so-called winter blues (S-SAD: subsyndromal seasonal depression).

It is typical for both diseases that the complaints disappear again in the spring with the first rays of the Sun. We feel energized and full of beans adjusted the internal clock light deficiency\”on sunny days. Because the sunlight enters the eye directly into the brain and controls This body’s neurotransmitters, hormones, our feelings and activities.

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