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But many others had become much more late creative in its lives, were well later that they had had the ideas most original. Through the creativity we are motivated to search new forms of to decide the problems, but so that this happens is important to use as criterion the diverse forms of motivation, being they: the ones that give information regarding the task to be learned and its accomplishment; the ones that appeal the emotions, in the case of the compliments, prizes, repressions and still the ones that act by means of the contacts of the pupils with its colleagues. In educational environments, the creativity must be potencializada by the pedagogical actions. As it defines Novaes (1980, P. 13), it is basic to favor ‘ ‘ the mobilization of the creative potential in all you discipline them and subjects, giving value to the productive thought, a time that the creativity will be present in some situations and diversity of assuntos’ ‘. Beyond the motivation and incentives, playing is the essence of the playful thought and characterizes the activities executed in infancy.

The experiences of playing in the school assist the formation of bonds between pupils and professors and certainly facilitate the learning. In education, the trick functions as a simulation of experiences and contents, approaching them of the universe of the pupils. Independent of the age of the participants, the creative tricks rescue the playful character, the pleasure, the joy, the power to imagine and to create proper of the human being. However always appears the question of as to propitiate the chance to learn with pleasure? This is a question that the professor must become it each day, finding different answers at every moment. This because the reply it is related to the interests and necessities of the pupils, having to be investigated permanently.

Also if it can say that the importance for a more including education has mobilized the educators to the search of alternatives that supply the lacks found in some methods of education. An education searchs more human, come back toward the real interests of the pupils and propitious for the performance of the educandos as true agents in the educational process. When one works in group, the imagination and the curiosity of each participant is salient and shared, and who obtains to better express next to the others if adapta to the circumstances and the exchange of experiences. Of this form, the educators are more demanding, ask for to the pupils who in accordance with give and relieve what they are capable, each one its proper capacities. E, thus to proceed, looks for to be creative and original, mesclando variety and enthusiasm as ingredients that motivate the work and the income of the pupils; it can still be standed out, that the good professor is that one with who the pupils learns; good educator is that one with who the pupils goes if becoming more people and plus they themselves, these are the pupils who, in the deep one, like its masters, therefore learn of creative and pleasant form.

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