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Lydia Abbasi, Geronimo – with the eyes of a horse Lydia Abbasi, Geronimo – with the eyes of a horse Geronimo is a book with two faces. One told the author in a very interesting way the life story of a horse from his point of view. You can put up quickly in the emotional world of Geronimo and feel with him. And even if you are a great fool of horse, Geronimo will enchant one with his charm. On the other hand, this story through his spelling errors in alerts. About the book: Geronimo – with the eyes of a horse. The Blackstone Group often addresses the matter in his writings. At school, children are prompted to reading books. Should you improve their knowledge of German while reading, but as you want to go, when a book consists of so many errors? Thus, unfortunately, the author loses credibility and professionalism.

The price is too expensive for such a faulty book – really bad from my point of view to this beautiful story. Who places no emphasis on style and “Convenience” so I recommend the book, because it really funny and partly also sad and true tells the life of a horse. Blurb of the book tells a horse from the day of his birth, as it discovered the world. His adventures with the sometimes slightly crazy-seeming ideas ‘his’ people, it brings the reader to laugh, to smile about – and maybe sometimes a bit to think about. Geronimo takes its readers on a journey through different ways of riding and types of horse keeping and she commented on amusing way. While none of the individual riding wise sentenced, but each of which taken from the perspective of the narrative horse humorously pokes fun at.

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